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Tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils with bacteria and viruses. It causes a sore throat and painful swallowing. It is also associated with fever and can occasionally be associated with a change in voice, earache and difficulty in breathing. As a complication, Pus may sometimes collect around the tonsil (known as Quinsy), which may require drainage or surgery. Tonsillitis usually requires antibiotics and painkillers for treatment. Surgery for tonsils may be necessary in severe and chronic cases. It is known as Tonsillectomy.

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Acute Otitis Media:

It is the infection of the middle ear with bacteria and viruses. It may occur after tonsillitis or a common cold. It is a very painful ear condition and may also cause hearing loss and ear discharge. It may be associated with fever as well. It requires oral antibiotics, painkillers and occasionally antibiotic ear drops. Sometimes it may lead to perforation of the ear drum which may later require surgery. This form of surgery is known as Tympanoplasty.

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Deviated Nasal Septum (DNS):

DNS is a bent Nasal Septum which may be acquired after Nasal injury or one may be born with it. It causes Nasal obstruction, snoring and mouth breathing. Intermittently, it may also cause nose bleeds, loss of smell sensation, earache, and headaches. Corrective treatment for symptomatic DNS is a surgical procedure, known as Septoplasty.


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