Pace Lifeline

Pace Lifeline

Can be dialled irrespective of the telecom operator and location in India.


  1. Request Information

You can call PACE Lifeline and get information about service offerings, Doctors and the details of the various new initiatives launched by PACE Hospitals. The Lifeline team will not only ensure that you have the right information but they will also guide you on your next steps to get the best of care.

  1. Fix Appointments

You can call PACE Lifeline and book doctor. Just call our Lifeline team and they will ensure that your appointment is confirmed as per your convenience.

  1. Emergency Care & Casualty

In case of emergency, You can call PACE Lifeline & we will ensure you with the best possible care and concern towards your Emergency.

  1. Ambulance

You can call PACE Lifeline for any emergency. A dedicated unit of para-medical staff controls the ambulance section round the clock.

Our emergency services provide the best of pre-hospital care for all the emergency calls that are received. The ambulance is manned by well trained emergency medical technologists and driver(s) who provide pre-hospital care at home en route to the hospital.

A dedicated team of anesthesiologists and emergency medical technologists provide 24×7 services


Book online appointment anywher any time.For emergency cases : +91 88850 95618 | +91 7842 171717