Diagnose and manage disease through the analyses of blood , urine and other body fluids

Patient Rights & Responsibilities


  • Not to be discriminated against because of race, color, religion, sex, age, origin, sexual preference, disability or source of payment

  • To a safe and clean environment during their stay in the hospital

  • To considerate and respectful care

  • To information on diagnosis, treatment and medicines

  • To obtain all the relevant information about the professionals involved in the patient care.

  • To have any proposed procedure or treatment explained in terms they can understand; the explanation should include

  • Description of the nature and purpose of the procedure or treatment

  • The possible benefits

  • The known serious side effects, risks and drawbacks

  • Problems related to recovery

  • The likelihood of success

  • Alternative procedures or treatments

  • Future course or plan of action

  • The estimated costs

  • An itemized bill if requested

  • To expect that all the communications and records pertaining to their case be treated as confidential

  • To have their personal, cultural and spiritual values and beliefs, considered when treatment decisions are made

  • To expect prompt treatment in an emergency

  • To refuse to participate in human experimentation, research, project

  • To get copies of medical records

  • To know what hospital rules and regulations apply to them as a patient

  • To appoint a person to make healthcare decisions on their behalf in the event they lose the capacity to do so

  • To seek second opinion about their disease, treatment etc.

  • To complain about their care without fear of recrimination or penalty, to have their complaints reviewed , and when possible, resolved

  • To refuse treatment


  • To provide to the best of their knowledge, complete information about their symptoms, past illness, medications and other matters relating to their plan of care

  • To cooperate with the physicians and staff in their diagnosis and treatment

  • To ask questions when they do not understand, explanations about their care or services

  • To be responsible for their actions if they refuse treatment or does not follow the physicians treatments

  • To provide insurance and/or financial information regarding who will be responsible for the bill payment

  • To respect the rights of other patients and follow the organization’s policies (the right of minor patients shall include the parents or guardians)

  • To respect the rights of their healthcare provider and exchange information in a polite manner while receiving care

  • To keep premises clean and tidy


  • The hospital provides to serve well balanced meals to all. Special diets will be served as prescribed by the Dietary Services Department.

  • All patient meals are planned and our dietician supervises the distribution as per the diet sheet

  • Meals are not served to the visitors but served for patients’ attendants can be arranged. Such meals are charged separately.

  • Request for attendant

  • breakfast to be given previous day night;

  • lunch to be given while serving breakfast;

  • dinner to be given while serving lunch


  • Consumption of alcohol, smoking, chewing gum and spitting is prohibited on the campus

  • A hygienic environment is essential for your health, help us to maintain our standards

  • Keep the toilets clean and dry

  • Use the dustbins for disposal of any waste

  • We take pride in serving you. Giving tips is prohibited

Utility Maintenance Services:

  • Incase of any electrical defaults with the lights, switches, A/C or any electrical items, report to the patient relations incharge

  • Do not attempt to shift or repair any electrical item

  • Do not touch the oxygen and suction pump or any biomedical equipment

  • To maintain the temperature in the rooms, do not open windows to keep the cooling intact

  • Use of mobile phones is restricted in patient related areas


  • Television facility is provided to all single rooms. Please do not change the settings.

  • Incase of any inconvenience, please contact as per the Point of Contacts list provided

Service at your doorstep:

  • PACE Hospitals provide sample collection services for senior citizens and vulnerable patients

  • On-call physician for senior citizens

  • Home care services for specialized nursing care

  • Home delivery of medicines for a minimum order of Rs. 250/-

  • For outstation patients, we can organize to send the reports by courier

For all queries, please refer our Point of Contacts list put up in the rooms, cubicles, general ward, nursing station etc. You can reach the right person when you refer that.

Before Admission:

Your doctor has recommended hospitalisation for you. If you are listed for a surgery or a procedure, you could be scheduled to be admitted either a day before or on the day of surgery.

Ward Accommodation

You may select from any of the following room types:

  • Single Rooms

  • Cubicles

  • General Ward

  • Shared A/c Rooms

Incase the patient is advised surgery, kindly get the date of surgery confirmed by the consultant. Prior allotment of the Operation Theatre is required.

For confirming the surgery, the patient is requested to pay a deposit immediately upon admission. The details of payment can be discussed with the patient relations incharge.

Only a surgeon/consultant can cancel or postpone a surgery or procedure on medical grounds. Please contact the admission counter after cancellation.

At Admission:

Patient has to contact the admission counter for admission.

Please bring the following documents for registration:


  • Admission letter from the consultant

  • Letter from your employer (corporate cases)

  • Identification documents

  • ID proof

  • Address proof

  • Identity card of your company

Hospital Bill Estimate

  • The Hospital is able to provide an estimation of your hospital bill. This estimation is based on a statistical average of hospital bill sizes of past admissions, and for a standard procedure barring any complication. Your actual hospital bill may vary from the estimated bill size depending on the individual circumstances such as severity or complication of your medical condition, investigation, treatment, and length of stay

  • Deposit required for admission as per the bill estimate given by the Patient Relations Incharge. Payment may be made in cash or credit/debit cards

  • If you have signed up for a hospital package, full payment of the package price will be required on admission

  • 5 / 2 times emergency charges for surgeries performed during non-regualr hours (normal OT working hours are from 6 AM – 6 PM)

Also bring along and make note of the following:

  • The medicines you are currently consuming and all concerned Medical Reports and X-rays / Ultrasound / CT Scan Films or CDs

  • A list of any known allergies and sensitivities

  • Please provide accurate and full information about your medical problems, past medical history / medication taken

  • Bring loose and comfortable clothing

  • Personal toiletries, slippers / footwear

  • Avoid using make-up, perfume, deodorant or lotions. All make-up, nail polish and lotions need to be removed prior to treatment

  • Avoid wearing contact lenses; wear glasses instead

  • Keep some cash for miscellaneous purposes incase of emergency. Please safeguard your valuables & mobile. The hospital will not be liable for any loss of money or valuables

  • S/he will be given a UMR/IP Number after the formalities. Please quote the same for any enquiry.

  • We constantly strive to provide you a bed / room as per your needs as quickly as possible. However, sometimes you may face some delay in obtaining an allotment for which we regret any inconvenience caused to you.

  • At the time of admission if you have not been allocated the bed of your billing choice (higher or lower), kindly give your request in writing to the manager on duty.

  • You will receive a Welcome kit containing a face towel, bath soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, hair oil, shampoo etc.

  • Upon admission the front office staff would issue an attendant pass. This pass allows only one attendant at one point in time. The attendant at the patient side is required to show this pass upon request by the security official or any of the hospital staff

Post Admission:

Billing Related:

  • The bed charges are calculated on 24 hours cycle from the time of admission

  • After admission the patient can be transferred on written request to higher/lower class subject to the availability of beds

  • Every day the billing department shall intimate the outstanding amount due on a bill counsel slip. The minimum clearance mentioned should be paid within 12 hours of issuing this slip. All deposit receipts are made in the name of the patient. During your stay if you have not received any intimation of amount accrued to your account, kindly contact the Billing counter or the Patient Relations Incharge

  • If your patient has to undergo a surgery, kindly get an OT clearance slip from the admission counter after clearing the outstanding and paying surgery deposit

Patient Related:

  • Inform the doctor or the nurse of any sudden changes in the patient condition. Follow the treatment plan as recommended by the medical practitioner

  • If patient is required to be transferred to ICU/HDU, the room/bed that patient was occupying prior to the transfer is to be vacated by the attendants

  • The patient is expected to wear hospital clothes throughout the stay in the hospital

  • Patient is highly disallowed to use Mobile Phone

  • PACE Pharmacy provides all the medicines for inpatients. We do not permit medicines and consumables from outside

  • Home food is not allowed for the patient. In house Dietician would suggest appropriate diet as per the patient condition during the entire stay at PACE Hospitals

  • Attendant meals can be provided in the hospital at an extra cost

  • During the stay of the patient, if due amount is not cleared, the hospital reserves the right to transfer/discharge the patient on Administrative Ground

  • Patient can be transferred to any other hospital/government hospital / nursing home incase of non-payment or any other administrative reason

  • Discharge of Patient would be authorized as per the Doctor’s opinion only

  • Please respect hospital and the hospital property

Preparing for Procedure / Surgery

  • Fasting: If your procedure requires fasting, do not eat or drink anything before the surgery / procedure or a time period as advised by your specialist. This includes water, coffee, any other fluids, hard candy, chewing gum and tobacco. If you eat or drink, your surgery / procedure may need to be delayed or rescheduled

  • Smoking and Alcohol: Do not smoke or drink alcohol 24 hours prior to the surgery / procedure

  • Medications: Medications are to be taken in the morning on the day of the surgery / procedure as per instructions given by your specialist

  • Generally, medicine for your heart, high blood pressure and asthma should be taken with a sip of water (no other liquids) prior to your surgery and before arriving at the hospital, unless otherwise instructed by your specialist

  • Feeling Unwell: Please notify your specialist if you develop a cold, persistent cough, fever or any other health-related problems prior to the surgery / procedure

  • Please follow the pre-operative instructions that are given to you by your specialist

We value your Opinion:

  • We value any comments or concerns that you have about your experience as a patient or visitor in our hospital.

  • You can obtain feedback form from the Patient Relations Associate or the Manager on Duty, and handover the form to the Manager on duty or put it in a suggestion box

Discharge Process:

  • The doctors alone have the right to discharge the patient

  • Discharge requests if any are processed from 10 am to 6 pm only

  • Please bring along all deposit receipt, and the balance payment for the final settlement of your bills

  • Discharge summary would be given by the Patient Relations Associate / Floor staff at the time of discharge. Incases of discharge on request the summary will be given in a hand written format, and the next day only the printed format report will be given as per the time specified by the hospital staff to you

  • Please surrender the attendant pass at the billing counter or you will be charged Rs. 100/-

  • After the final settlement, you will be given a discharge slip in duplicate, one to be produced at the nursing station and one to the security officer on your way out

  • Kindly vacate the bed as soon as bills are settled

  • For follow-up appointments with your consultant, please call the nos. mentioned on your discharge summary

  • If you have a mediclaim policy, you are required to approach the company directly for the reimbursement of your bills for which you would need:

  • Final bill

  • Detailed bill

  • The discharge summary

Hand hygiene and Infection Prevention:

  • Do not bring germs in and do not take germs home

  • We do not allow outside pillows, blankets etc., as they may be a source of infection. Visitors are not allowed to sleep on the floor

  • Family and friends with a cold, flu or gastro symptoms are asked not to visit until they are well for the sake of patients’ safety

  • Before you arrive in a ward and after you leave, please clean your hands with soap


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