Patients Speak


Prateek Sinha

I went to PACE for treatment and was pleasantly surprised to know how good the staff was. Facilities are also up to the mark. However, what sets this hospital apart is truly the workforce! From the guards to the doctors, everyone is extremely helpful and well versed with their jobs.

Anand Dalai

Superb hospital with talented doctors. Dr. Ramesh Parimi is an expert in onco surgery. My friend had surgery last month. Very friendly atmosphere and reasonable rates. Excellent care by nurses and staff.

Vasu Bollina

I visited this hospital because of its niche focus on liver & kidneys. It was a random choice to attend, but I believe this is one of the best hospitals I have come across. Doctors are straight forward while consulting, staff is friendly, and the front office managers are very energetic, which is a very rare combination in the modern hospitals.

Sangita Chandrasekhar

A month after I delivered, I was suffering from severe abdominal pain and was diagnosed with gallstones. I was told that the only solution was getting my gall bladder removed. That is when I had consulted Dr. Govind Verma at PACE Hospitals. My primary concern being nursing my baby, Dr. Verma made sure I could attend to my child only six hours after my surgery. No unnecessary tests were recommended, and surgery was performed by Dr. Phani Krishna, and I knew I was in safe hands.

Saraswathi Yadav

PACE hospital in Hyderabad is one of the best hospitals. It has a great panel of doctors especially Dr. Phani Krishna and Dr. Govind Verma who had very kindly sorted out my mother’s health issues. The care and the treatment at PACE as always are exceptional.

Bharath Sagar

I visited the hospital for Hernia repair and the treatment was excellent. Doctors are highly qualified and experienced. I thank Dr. Phani Krishna for pain-free surgery. I also thank Dr. Govind and Dr. Shyam for their support.

Samarth Chaturvedi

My brother Parth was having severe stomach pain. Referred by a private doctor, we visited PACE Hospitals. As per the expectations, the atmosphere of the hospital was quite good. Dr. Govind Verma was our chief doctor who reviewed Parth's case, and I must admit that it has his excellence due to which he got cured so quickly. Other then that the support staff was very helpful, the housekeeping people did a perfect job. Cleanliness was up to the mark, the room facilities were also appreciative. In all, it is an apt place to get right and perfect treatment at a very low cost.

Manikyala Raju

PACE was a happy experience from reception till I got out with reports of my mother. You are guided through each step by staff and minimum time is taken to get your tests done.

I appreciate in particular Miss. Laxmi and Tejaswani and last but not the least Dr. Govind Verma, an experienced and compassionate man. He listens to problems and treats with the minimum tests related to the core problem and assures you are resting everything on him.

Roozbeh Ahmad

Dr. Phani Krishna's medical advice and treatment is excellent, and the staff is cooperative especially Tejaswani. I would recommend consulting Dr. Phani at PACE.

Daulatram V.

I was suffering from jaundice for the last two years. I underwent evaluations by local doctors in my village. My ultrasound abdomen showed evidence of dilated CBD and IHBR secondary to CBD stone. I visited PACE hospitals through one of my references. I met Dr. Govind Verma who heard me patiently and reviewed all my previous investigation reports. He advised me to do an MRCP. On follow up after two days I got diagnosed with the structure of CBD, and no stones in. I underwent Therapeutic ERCP and stain placement. Within a week my symptoms like jaundice and itching were completely subsided. I am thankful to PACE hospitals nursing staff, and especially to Dr.Verma, for his able diagnosis and treatment. I will recommend PACE hospitals to my friends and families.

Rahul Singh

Excellent hospital with the best services. Thank you very much, Dr. Phani Krishna and his whole team (especially Tejaswani) for taking care of my father.

Sudheer Sarilla

Excellent hospital for liver cancer treatment. I am very thankful to Dr. Govind Verma and his team who treated my father's liver cancer using TACE & RFA procedures.

Dharmajeet Choudhury

PACE is one of the finest hospitals I have ever been too. Be it the doctor or the attendant all were so ever ready and willing to help me out to resolve the health issues. Diagnosing the disease and giving it comprehensive treatment is the motto of everyone concerned here.

Karnam Vijay

I went to PACE hospitals for a diabetic check up with Dr. Somnath. My blood sugars were poorly controlled and had severe UTI, and he treated me very well. Now my sugars are well-controlled.

Madhurikhaw Kattuunga

Reception and service are coordinated. Very qualified doctors.

Manikanteswara Reddy

I met with a minor accident today and rushed to PACE hospital nearby. I was immediately attended, and the dressing was done. The doctors and nursing staff are very attentive.  My treatment was completed in just ten minutes.

Abhishek Tandayam

Excellent hospital. Brilliant doctors and staff. Administrative team was very friendly and helpful. Dr.Govind and Dr.Phani Krishna are experts and simply superb.

Ramakrishna Sataluri

I underwent a complicated surgery with excellent doctors in consultation -Dr. Govind Verma and Dr. Phani Krishna. Very dedicated nursing staff. Overall a World class experience. Worth every rupee spent.

Sailesh Sreeperumbuduru

My father had a very complicated surgery. The wizard that Dr.Phani Krishna is, he is now well and is back to normal life. This was the second surgery that Dr.Phani performed on him and I had always felt that my father was in safe hands. The nursing staff is very caring.

Shiv Nath

Great hospital and superb doctors. Mine was a unique case, and I had met the best of gastrointestinal doctors and ENT surgeons in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kerala during many years in the past, but none could make an accurate diagnosis. I was having severe and constant throat infection and was on acidity medication for suspected acid reflux disease since the last ten years. Dr. Govind Verma and Dr. Hari Krishna Reddy came up with an entirely different and brilliant approach in diagnosis. A CT scan of my head and the nasal area was called for and behold the finding - my nose had an internal bend causing airway obstruction in the right nostril. This was causing breathing difficulty as well as mucosa that constantly irritated my throat leading to frequent throat infections previously diagnosed by numerous doctors as acid reflux. The CT scan clearly showed the obstruction, and I am scheduled for surgery next month. I am completely overwhelmed by the brilliant diagnosis and sincerely thank Dr. Govind Verma and Dr. Hari Krishna Reddy for this finding which has been driving me crazy for so long!

Naveen Sethia

Great facilities and very good staff. I met Dr. Govind Verma, and he suggested surgical treatment. Initially, I hesitated but Dr. Verma convinced me, and it was a great decision. My problem was completely cured, and Dr. Phani did a great job.

Venkat Bommireddipalli

Proper diagnosis and patience are key aspects of right treatment. So far for the past six months, I have been flying blind with no proper diagnosis. However, the issue ( Varices with PHG) finally came up with UGI endoscopy done by Dr.Govind at PACE.I was fortunate that I met this doctor with an early diagnosis and I strongly recommend this hospital and Dr.Govind.

Diana Priyanka

I had a really good experience at the hospital. The doctors and nurses and the rest of the staff are very professional. I would recommend this hospital to everyone.

Rohith Sharma

It is a very nice hospital, and the doctors are excellent with patients. I am very satisfied with the services. Please go to this hospital if you face a medical emergency.

Avinash Kothuri

Great hospital and a good place to ensure you get the right diagnosis and treatment.

Nemali Narasimha

Thank you, Dr.Govind Verma and team. My brother was diagnosed to have cirrhosis of the liver with portal hypertension and esophageal varices. The problem started when my brother had few long episodes of blood vomitings after an occasional drink at a party. We immediately admitted him in PACE around 10:30 pm on the same day, and even during the late hours, the response of the doctors was fantastic. Dr.Govind Verma was immediately consulted. They shifted the patient to ICU, and an emergency endoscopy with band ligation was done to stop bleeding. The team clearly explained to us the treatment, and we saw improvements day by day. My brother was discharged yesterday and doing well and has been advised for regular follow-ups. My family and I are thankful to Dr. Govind Verma and PACE hospital. I would recommend this hospital for any emergency condition.

Mirza Ahmed

A pretty good experience. Doctors and staff were very supportive, even though we started getting on their nerves. The night staff, in particular, was very helpful; Sister Liba, all the brothers in ICU and the duty doctors. The environment was hygienic. Security Guards were always present on spots. Dr. Govind Varma & Dr. Phani Krishna operated my dad, and I think your family member is in good hands if these doctors are looking after them. Would surely recommend.

Abhilash Ponna

My father was complaining of unbearable stomach pain. We recently moved to Secunderabad and did not know any doctors in this area. We did a quick search on the internet and found Dr. Govind Verma with good reviews. On visiting PACE, we were surprised to see how clean and tidy the hospital was. The staff at reception dealt with the paperwork promptly, and our file was given to Sunil who was very polite who quickly took us to the doctor. Dr. Govind is very friendly, empathetic and patient. Within a couple of hours after the initial tests, my father was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis with pseudocyst. We were very anxious, but Dr. Govind elaborately explained my father's condition to us and advised him to undergo surgery.

Dr.Phani Krishna clearly explained his approach to the surgery and helped us feel at ease. He is very knowledgeable, confident and compassionate. In spite of being very busy, he was approachable and always had time for us even in the hallway. My father underwent ERCP followed by Cystogastrostomy the next day. After the surgery, Dr.Phani briefed us and after a couple of hours in SICU, my father was moved to the ICU for better care.

While my father was in the ICU, we were updated on his status regularly by the in-house doctors and were permitted to visit him at scheduled intervals. The ICU was maintained immaculately. My father recovered quickly and was moved to the inpatient ward after being monitored for two days. Inpatient doctors and intensivists in ICU were available 24X7. Dr. Phani and Dr. Govind visited my father every day and promptly advised the in-house doctors on his condition and recovery process. The attending nurses were very skillful, and they handled my father with care. The housekeeping team was always available when needed. The management staff regularly visited the rooms requesting for feedback and made a note of all concerns which were followed up quickly.

The hospital personnel were very courteous and advised us on all queries we had including the financial aspect. Based on doctors’ advice, Ms. Jyothi helped us in understanding the approximate estimate of costs involved with the surgery beforehand. This was very helpful for us to be prepared for the expected final costs. In addition to this, after being admitted, an approximate bill was provided on a daily basis that helped us see where the costs were incurred.

My father was at PACE for over a week, and now he is recovering and back to normal. We are very thankful to Dr.Govind and Dr.Phani Krishna for having made our experience stress less. I am glad we made the right decision.

PACE is equipped with the most proficient doctors, quality care, and advanced treatment. The entire staff is trained to make needs of patients their priority. I would recommend PACE to all my friends and family.

Venkata Kishore Dutt Mallela

Our Son Venkata Srirama was admitted with high fever, diagnosed as having an amoebic liver abscess (multiple abscesses). Under the experienced hands of Dr. Govind Verma and his highly qualified team, the treatment plan was detailed, specific and accurate with a calculated recovery phase. Duty doctors, nursing, and other paramedical staff were quite attentive and always encouraging. Follow-up visits were also very convenient and guiding.

Mohammed Hussaini

Excellent service. I recommend this hospital.

Sudhir Kumar

Recently my brother was admitted to PACE Hospital, Begumpet for Umbilical Hernia Surgery which was successfully performed. The service was excellent right from the beginning. The doctors are very friendly. I appreciate the staff nurses for their dedication, and I have seen a good and hygienic atmosphere.

Rahul Kishore

I had been suffering from the issue of Hemorrhoids & Fissures and had consulted few other doctors who had suggested me to undergo surgery for Fistula. I came to PACE Hospitals after reading good reviews to get a second opinion. Right from day one, Dr. Govind was very helpful. I realized that I was wrongly diagnosed in the previous hospital. After undergoing a few tests, I was suggested a surgery get rid of my fissures and hemorrhoids. Siddarth, from the admin team, was very proactive and helpful in facilitating the whole process. The people at reception are also very patient and try to help you out. Dr.Phani is a world class doctor who was very helpful before, during and after the surgery. The complete team including the housekeeping staff, nurses, physicians and the duty doctors ensured we faced no issues during our stay here.

Overall a very good experience and I am thankful to the doctors who helped me in getting rid of my nagging health issue.

Lingaraj Konin

PACE Hospitals is one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad. Good care is taken by the doctors, nursing, and other supporting staff. Superior cleanliness is maintained.

Mary Joseph

I had visited PACE hospitals with an issue of piles and fissure. I was suffering from this for the last three years and took all kinds of medication but nothing worked, and rather, in turn, I was advised to take laxatives, which made me got dependent on them.

Dr.Govind R. Verma diagnosed my problem and suggested me to undergo a minor surgery for both of these problems. It was done the very next day of me visiting the hospital. Dr. Verma ran his team in a swift way and directed me on how to get rid of laxatives. I was discharged in two days and have so much relief from the trauma I went through in a month. Thank You, PACE.

Helmut Geissler

During my last holiday in India, I got heavy pain.

Two doctors of the PACE hospital made a short but good test and cured me very soon.

Dharmajeet Choudhury

PACE is one of the finest hospitals I have ever been too. Be it the doctors or the attendants; all were ever ready and willing to help me out. Kudos to Dr. Govind Verma, for his absolute care towards the patients.

Subhan Mohammed

I am very happy with the services in the hospital. Dr. Govind Verma was excellent in his treatment. The hospital is being maintained well with modern equipment. The attention of the consultants is excellent. I appreciate their team work. Nursing care is good.

Verified Patient

The new Hitech clinic is very warm to the patients and their escorts. It is very well equipped, and the staff-receptionist, sisters, radiologist, lab technicians, attendants, bill receivers, pharmacists and finally all the specialist doctors are very receptive and efficient. 

Rajani Nalamothu

Dr. Phani is a world class surgeon. He treated my mother the best. PACE is a good hospital.


I am very thankful to Dr. Shyam Varma for taking special care and giving me a pain-free surgery. He had even shown me all surgery clips after the procedure got over. He is definitively one of the best urologists for stone treatment.